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About Us

Cando Colour Farms and Cantagree Kennels

Located on a 97 acre farm just outside of Jasper, Ontario. 

A private family farm. We are focused just on our stallions, mares and foals and of course our Gentle Giants - The Great Danes. We don't offer boarding, lessons or training (but we are happy to pass on names of barns that do!) We do what we do because we enjoy it. When you book your mare in for breeding or book a viewing of the foals available for sale, we have invited you to join us for a relaxing visit. You won't be rushed about or made to feel pressured. The decision to breed or buy a foal is a large one and you should be given the amount of time needed. 

Mares coming in for breeding are treated with the utmost care. They are turned out during the day into individual paddocks. Each night they will be stabled in a rubber matted box stall. They will be fed free choice home grown hay and have fresh water thorough out the day and night. Extra needs are carefully included into daily routines.

Our Great Danes are part of our family. We can tell you countless stories of when they have made our day with a smile or a laugh. We truly believe that once you own a Dane, there won't be an other breed of dog for you.

Contact information

E-mail - candocolour@adellequine.com

Phone - 613.284.2073